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Aiwa City

Are you anticipating visiting new house society? Are you one of the people in your neighbourhood seeking out inexpensive, modern home options? We need to talk about a fantastic plan that is right in the middle of stunning Washington, DC. Attock is renowned for its historical importance, gorgeous landscapes, and rich cultural history. The recently built Aiwa City, a fourth smart city and a sizable housing project, is one of Attock’s most intriguing features. It has recently received a lot of attention and appreciation.

The Aiwa City Attock housing society offers a variety of residential lots and homes furnished with the most modern conveniences and amenities. Aiwa City offers something to offer everyone, whether you’re a young professional looking to make your first real estate investment or a family searching for a comfy new home.

Aiwa City Attock Location:

Aiwa City Attock is located on main GT road which connects Islamabad with the other provinces of Pakistan, seems ideal. It should also be noted that Aiwa City Attock and the Kamra Air Base are both within a 5-minute drive apart. It suggests that residents of Aiwa City have easy access to all of the important towns and cities in the region.

We are delighted to announce that travellers can reach Islamabad International Airport without difficulty from Aiwa City Attock, which is situated 49.8 kilometres to the southeast. Similar to this, travellers to Peshawar International Airport will find it simple to get there since Aiwa City is only 81.5 kilometres away. The housing development also has a number of healthcare facilities, commercial malls, and educational institutions, making it a great spot for families to live.

. A total of about 570 Kanals of the project were approved, making it one of the best housing societies in the area. The 5g Group of Companies will soon begin construction on the complex, which will undoubtedly be fantastic in terms of amenities and ease.

Design by Surbana Jurong:

Architecture, engineering, planning, and sustainable development are just a few of the services offered by the Singapore-based design and urban development company Surbana Jurong. The business operates internationally and has worked on several projects, finishing master planning in more than 60 nations. The project’s goal is to build a smart, sustainable city that puts the welfare of its citizens and the environment first.

Surbana Jurong’s commitment to the project includes creating the development’s master plan, which will contain housing, retail space, open space, and public amenities. The company will also be in charge of creating the infrastructure and putting smart technology into place to optimise the city’s use of water and energy. The 5g group of companies, who are the Aiwa City Attock developers, are pleased to work with Surbana Jurong since they have the best competence in developing and providing an original perspective on urban development.

Owner & Developers of Aiwa City Attock:

The 5g Group of Companies, a well-known Pakistani real estate development firm, is the parent company of Aiwa City Attock Developers. This real estate company has a reputation for producing high-quality developments and is known for its avant-garde and creative housing projects. It developed a stunning Aiwa City Attock Housing Project Plan, just like finishing numerous other substantial residential and business developments. The company’s goal is to offer commercial and residential solutions that are both economical and of the greatest possible calibre.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a plot here will undoubtedly receive a cosy and secure living space. Modern amenities, such as parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, are everywhere, so you may buy a home at either the beginning or the end of civilization. The development also includes eco-friendly elements from the 5g Group of Companies, like solar energy systems and rainwater collecting.

About 5g Group of Companies:

It has long been one of the leading businesses that specializes in lavish homes, town houses, and commercial properties. 5g Properties has established a solid reputation in the industry as an experienced agency, earning the trust of a lot of investors. Their area of competence is in locating and acquiring desirable properties in urban areas, then redeveloping them into thriving, vibrant communities.

They have always collaborated with leading engineers and architects to guarantee the best possible building and design. They are content to consistently maintain their lead in terms of consumer satisfaction. The 5g Group of Companies takes great satisfaction in creating and maintaining enduring relationships with their customers. 5G Properties is the ideal partner for your real estate needs whether you’re seeking for a luxurious and environmentally friendly living or working space.

Aiwa City Attock NOC:

The “No Object Certificate,” or NOC, is a crucial document for the real estate sector. To make sure the housing project you’ve been working on with your real estate agent is legitimate and secure, a NOC is necessary. It signifies that the planned project has received approval from the pertinent authorities.

The NOC for Aiwa City Attock has not yet been issued by PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency), but it is almost ready to receive final approval. But since 570 Kanals of the Layout Plan (LOP) have received technical clearance, anyone wishing to purchase a plot may get in touch with the organisation through 5G Properties.

Once it receives the full NOC, it will certify that the project is authentic and conforms with all applicable laws and specifications. After the housing project receives NOC, you will have access to a variety of amenities, including the following:

  • Residential Plots
  • Commercial Plots
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Education
  • Mosques
  • HealthCare
  • Security
  • Electricity & Gas
  • Water
  • Entertainments


Nearby LandMarks:

The nearby places are

  • Attock fort
  • Mehria town
  • Jinnah park
  • Kamra airbase
  • junaid jumshed attock
  • Aqua fun resort

Access Points:

  • The access point of Aiwa city attock are
  • 5mint drive from attock cantt
  • 8mint drive from attock police station
  • 10mint drive from DHQ hospital attock
  • 15mint drive from Govt College of Technology attock
  • 18mint drive from COMSATS University Campus Attock

Aiwa City Attock Payment Plan:

In light of the nation’s current increased inflation rate, Aiwa City Attock’s payment schedule is highly acceptable.

Prospective clients can determine whether purchasing the homes is within their budget by looking at the payment schedule. The payment plan was made to be more widely accessible and to make buying a home in Aiwa City Attock a realistic objective.

The payment plan gives customers the choice of paying out the cost of the property over a four-year period. For those looking to purchase real estate at affordable prices, the Aiwa city pre launching rate is regarded as a wonderful chance.

Residential plots Payment Plan:

In Aiwa city, there are residential plots for sale at various price ranges and according to various categories. The management has begun the residential plot payment plan for Aiwa City Attock. With 5G Properties, you may reserve your plot at the pre-launching price.

5Marla (25×50)

  • Downpayment 15% (367,500 PKR)
  • Confirmation 15% (367,500 PKR)
  • 28 monthly installments: (20,000 PKR)
  • 5 Semi Annual installments (196,000PKR)
  • At Possesion are (175,000PKR)
  • Total price of 5marla (2450,000PKR) only

7 Marla (30×60)

  • Down payment 15% (514,500 PKR)
  • Confirmation 15% (514,500 PKR)
  • 28 monthly installments: (28,000 PKR)
  • 5 Semi Annual installments (274,400PKR)
  • At Possesion are (245,000PKR)
  • Total price of 5marla (3430,000PKR) only


      10 Marla (35×70)

  • Down payment 15% (585,000 PKR)
  • Confirmation 15% (585,000 PKR)
  • 28 monthly installments: (30,000 PKR)
  • 5 Semi Annual installments (312,000PKR)
  • At Possesion are (330,000PKR)
  • Total price of 5marla (3,900,000PKR) only


     1 Kanal (50×90)

  • Down payment 15% (1,170,000 PKR)
  • Confirmation 15% (1,170,000 PKR)
  • 28 monthly installments: (60,000 PKR)
  • 5 Semi Annual installments (624,000PKR)
  • At Possesion are (660,000PKR)
  • Total price of 5marla (7,800,000PKR) only


Aiwa City Attock Booking Procedure:

Especially with the Aiwa City Attock downpayment facility, booking a plot with the company is incredibly simple. Book a property you prefer by following the steps listed below.

  • Give your reservation application form your complete attention.
  • Include the applicant’s CNIC copies.
  • Pay a down payment by cheque or money order
  • submit the necessary paperwork, payment, and Obtain the invoice.


  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment slip

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